Monday, 16 January 2012

To wireless, or not to wireless

The oo continue to remain undecided if we should go wireless or not in regards to the NBN

In their ever increasingly erratic position against anything NBN, it now appears that wireless is no good, providing that it sits within the NBN roll-out. Previously, they have been right behind the wireless 'solution', yet now, it appears that wireless is plagued with problems (duh).
PLANS for a wireless signal tower to deliver the National Broadband Network near Ballarat may face a legal challenge, with residents seeking advice on how to stop the development.

So, residents are against a phone tower going up. Fair enough. I also have many reservations about mobile phone towers, and, it appears that the fears are not unfounded However, the story is not about mobile phone towers, which is most probably what the challenge is about, it is apparently attempting to portray the residents as being against the NBN going on the tower. Further into the story, after the residents have expressed their share of outrage, we get this.
An NBN Co spokeswoman said the company was interested in installing equipment on the Buninyong tower if it was approved but had not directed Crown Castle on the specific site.
 So, what this story has to do with the NBN is anybodies guess, except that, assuming this tower is built, the NBN will be interested in using it. The legal challenge is against a tower going up. Something we have become accustomed to as mobile phone towers have spread across the country.

But the crowning moment comes as the Barrister (who has challenged the Government unsuccessfully before (see how I did that)), complains about there not being fibre, something the oo has srgued against since the NBN was formed
Mr Pape said he didn't think the funding was a constitutional issue but found it "extraordinary" a town so close to Ballarat would receive wireless connection instead of fibre.

It would be truly amazing if the oo could pick a position, and argue their case against the NBN from that position, However, for them, it appears the only position they have is against the NBN, after that, the specific argument is irrelevant, as long as it can get something negative to associate the NBN with. And, as I mentioned previously, if it is at all positive, just don't print it.

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