Sunday, 15 January 2012

No Telework please, we're media

Considering the great lengths that the oo has gone to reveal about the NBN, such as how many customers to employees, how many have credit cards, and the all important, how bad for our health could it be, one would have thought that Conroy releasing a press release about an upcoming Telework Week would have been big news, particularly as it relates directly to this obviously hot topic issue.

Alas, a search of Bing and Google returned only one story dedicated to this release, and that was from a Fairfax paper. Even IT articles have written about it, so ignorance really cannot be the excuse.

I can only conclude that, considering the positive tone of the release, and the obvious benefits that the NBN will give to actions like Teleworking, that it really didn't fit in with the angle that the murdoch press is trying to sell us, in place of the actual news.


  1. No surprises here Tom. This morning the PM and Senator Carr gave a lengthy interview on ABC24 about funding and supporting the automotive industry....three hours have passed now, not a word anywhere.

  2. The date above is's the 17th January, 12.22pm ACST

  3. Think must be hosted in the US Pip. This is just running on their platform, so I just get the time and date of wherever that is. Not up to date like the cafe ;)

    Although, I note that the journo's have finally got their angle for that story you mentioned. Oh, I see you noticed it too ;)