Saturday, 22 October 2011

Where's My Beach?

The oo continue to misrepresent and deceive in their continued attack on the science og Global Warming. This time, they have an Engineer, who went to a council meeting where he got the impression that his land would be covered by 6 metres of water by 2015. The fact that this hadn't happened apparently 'discredited' the report.

Unfortunately, the report (and quite likely the meeting where he drew these conclusions) did not say 6m of vertical sea rise, but horizontal, as pointed out by Tim Lambert in his ongoing series The Australian's War on Science

Regardless of what the report actually said (or the council meeting in question), the writer also concludes that the report was 'discredited' on the hear say of a retired Engineer, and draws their conclusion accordingly. It is a shame that a paper the size of the oo didn't have the resources or desire to actually site the report, let alone get a statement from the council over what was stated at the now infamous meeting.

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