Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Gillard Curt(er)sy

Julia Gillard met the Queen the other day. While you would have thought that this would have simply been a time for the meeja to simply run in Women's Weekly mode, they had other things in mind. No, they thought they would create some sort of controversy over the PM's perfectly satisfactory and correct greeting of her Royal Highness. The papers, ALL OF THEM, went into an apoplexy of outrage over the fact that she bowed and shook her hand instead of curtseying. I kid you not.

They began the day declaring that this had been an affront to the queen, but that was soon replaced by a 'she should have done it anyway' once they were informed that she had done nothing wrong. It even descended to the level of the HUN showing a full page picture of a young girl curtseying, and declaring how much better she was than our PM.

The saddest thing about this whole escapade, is that the following day, tony yabot met the Queen, and failed to even bow. This was entirely ignored by the meeja. The fact that he piled directly into local politics with her, instead of the chit chat that is generally accepted as polite conversation in front of the cameras, was also portrayed as a brave and forthright move, rather than the rude and ignorant showboating it was.

Pure Poison have an excellent post up, with front pages showing the indignant outrage from dimwits who should know better. This really is news delimited


  1. It's not just here Tom..

    In NZ the newspapers were awash with the "Julia didn't curtsy" scandal!

    Apparently over there, it's been reported as a "political stunt" FFS!

    Congratulations on the new blog!

  2. Hope this keeps you really, really busy, with little time for comments on other blogs!