Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Everybody's Going It Alone

There is much talk by certain parties about Australia 'going it alone' in regards to the Carbon Price. It is a constant refrain brought out by the opposition and their oracles, but how accurate is it.

Considering that the European model has been up and going since 2005, not very I guess.

But, since the European Union Emission Trading System began, many other countries have also implemented or a planning to implement ETS mechanisms, including NZ, Switzerland, China, Korea, Japan and states in the US, as highlighted on the Governments own site.

And now that the POTUS is visiting the country, it appears the opposition want to make this a political visit, and press him on when America is planning to implement a similar scheme

Well, I have news for them, schemes are propping up all over the US (in direct contrast to what ulman tried to dissemble to our PM in his wet lettuce attempt at denialism). And, if the existing Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is anything to go by, the future looks bright, in face of stiff opposition from vested interests
Region-wide, since RGGI launched climate change air pollution is down 30 percent, and energy costs are 15 to 30 percent due in part to RGGI-funded energy efficiency programs. These energy efficiency programs will create nearly 18,000 job years (a year’s worth of work). Overall, because of RGGI, the region’s economy has grown by more than $2.6 billion.

And already, New Jersey’s participation in RGGI has put the state on the road to voters’ clean-energy goals. RGGI has delivered more than $52 million for clean energy projects that support new and existing jobs in the state, and can save consumers and businesses money. If Governor Christie sticks with the program, that number will grow exponentially.

And then there is this one
Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Adds 16,000 Jobs and $1.6 Billion in Value to Northeast Economies, Study Finds
So, it appears that the rest of the world IS moving to pricing carbon, in direct conflict to what the opposition AND their msm is trying to tell us. I wonder how the 'rollback' will look as even more go online, assuming that ever comes to fruition.

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